December 27, 2003

Votehere hacked

CNN is running an AP news story that Votehere's computers were hacked, and that the intruder probably had access to their source code. Votehere makes electronic voting software that is sold to many of the vendors of voting machines being used in elections in the US.

This is yet more evidence that the argument about keeping code for voting systems proprietary does not hold water. The bad guys may get access to the code, and we won't always know it. If the code is open, then there's no fear that it will be disclosed to the wrong party. Votehere is an extremely security conscious company with very smart people working there. If this could happen to them, it could surely happen to the other vendors, most of whom are several steps behind Votehere when it comes to security. Posted by Avi Rubin at December 27, 2003 11:12 AM